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There are more then 10 species of scorpions in Texas but only two common species of scorpions in Austin


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Scorpion Eggs:

A strange fact about Scorpions is that they don't lay eggs like other spiders! So there are no Scorpion eggs nesting in your home! The female Scorpions give live birth to their young. But they do produce in mass, like other spiders. The mothers can give birth to over 100 scorpions at a time. The infants will ride on their mother's back and wait there until their first molt. Once this happens the baby Scorpions move on and are now on their own. I guess molting is the scorpions coming of age.

I was actually stunned to hear someone tell me that their exterminator could not get rid of her scorpions because the scorpions had laid their eggs in the wood of the home while it was being constructed. Where did she get that kind of info? From her local Austin Exterminator.

Next time go with Bulwark. Or at least someone that knows a bit more about your pest problem.

Disclaimer: Yes, technically a female scopion does have eggs. Simialar to female homosapiens. But neither the human nor the scopion actually lay eggs.


To view an image of a female Scorpion carrying her babies visit, www.BulwarkPestControl.com

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